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Alternatives To iOS Reminders?

The iPhone is now several years old and the hardware has improved tremendously. The iOS has come a long way in that length of time. Apple’s own built-in apps have changed, mostly for the better, too. However, the built in Reminders app often leaves me scratching my head, thinking ‘what the hell were they thinking?’. It does leave a great big void in task management, which I have been trying to fill with a number of apps. And of course you can waste a lot of time and money trying to do that. Although the AppStore is brimming at the seams with in incredible number of them, there seems to be deficiencies and strengths which are mutually exclusive. Some like OmniFocus is ridiculously expensive. Others are plain ridiculous when it comes to design and user experience.

Today I realised why Apple’s own offering is left to look like a half baked cookie. They are creating an ecosystem for all these developers who are into Doing Things! In that process, they have hidden one important features which a lot of developers seem to ignore - the ability for a third party app to import items from the built-in Reminders app. With this, users can quickly create a reminder using Siri without manually typing things in, and have a preferred alternative app to import these when they open it. So then it is staggering how very few reminder apps on the store actually use this. There are some stunningly designed apps out there like Begin and Listastic, but these also do not have the ability to import from Reminders.

My favourite list making app AnyList already has that. That transformed how I update my shopping lists. Whilst I would gladly use it for my To Do as well, AnyList does not have alarms, snooze etc. required for efficient task management.

Today I discovered Alarmed, an great alternative to iOS Reminders. It does import Siri created reminder items including date, time etc., and delete originals from the there. Though its design and UI could be a bit better, at least for now, I feel that I am in control of task management.