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iCloud Asking For Password Repeatedly?

This apparently is an old bug, with posts dating back to the inception of iCloud services. The symptom that I experienced is iPhone, iPad and Mac randomly asking to sign in to iCloud and then again to reset the iCloud password. It typically seemed to happen on wake from sleep or after a charge cycle. I guess this is when iCloud background processes start up. I tried some of the simple things like soft reset, even played the asked for password reset some seven times. No avail.

Some of the fixes on the internet are very disruptive - for instance signing out of iCloud involves deleting the iCloud photo library from devices (if you had it enabled). Such a pain. On a hunch, I decided to do something different. On the Mac, I opened Keychain Access, and searched for ‘icloud’. This showed up some 12 different items, with various dates associated with them. I selected the lot and deleted them. You will be asked to reset your password once after this, but by and large, so far there has not been further problems.


Silver Lining With A Touch of Grey

It is now common knowledge that Jobs wanted to acquire Dropbox, a very effective and productive cloud storage solution. With an open API, it has been adopted by a number of third party developers as the preferred cloud storage service of choice. Importantly, Dropbox seems to be able to seamlessly sync large files, regardless of type, across multiple devices quickly and with very little in the way of errors.

iCloud on the other hand is limited when it comes to files - only iWork documents are synced at present, and that too is seamless only between iOS devices. There is no automatic file sync between a Mac and iCloud. Have a large presentation file on your iPad? Forget automatic sync to other devices.

I still find myself using multiple software to solve a common problem - have important documents available on all of my devices, catalogued and readily searchable. Evernote, OfficeDrop, Box - all helps, but never fully. Hopefully future versions of iCloud will address moving to paperless existence more completely. Whilst the current iCloud implementation shows promise, there is still a long way to go. There must be a way to speed up sync, there must be a way to manually disable sync on large files if the user does not want to (why not ask/ warn the user when the file size is large?). I know quite a lot of the issue is bandwidth, connection speed and in the case of portable devices, the battery life. Until these issues all come together, even our beloved computing platform will have a touch of grey in their cloud.