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Mailbox Shutting Down - Alternatives?

A bit of a shock - I had come to rely heavily on Mailbox to manage my emails. From its amazing inception video, the waiting game, and the triumphant dash to add the email accounts on reaching the end of the queue, I loved the idea and the implementation. Then came Dropbox with a buyout. I could not see the point honestly, but thought it can only be a good thing. Well, takeovers often have an aftermath. Mailbox is going to shut down. I am sure, like me, there will be countless others who will be equally jolted by the news.

Today however, I am not going to moan the loss. I have looked at a number of alternatives. The final decision to be made is between Boxer or Typemail. There are others, but in terms of functionality and design, these perhaps trump the others. Microsoft Outlook is worth a mention too - after all, the original idea was not that of MS, it was Accompli to start with.

So, tonight the test begins…

Meanwhile, I hope Dropbox continue to do what they are good at - seamless cloud file storage. And stop trying to acquire any more companies or inflate their value!


Dropbox Gets Better

Looks like anything out there on the web can get better - by creating a snazzy iPhone app. I have always loved how quick and easy Dropbox is for syncing files across computers. Despite being a fully paid-up MobileMe user, I still don’t use the iDisk for moving files between PC at work and Mac at home. The iDisk application for Windows was very buggy and the sync process takes ages. Don’t get me wrong, I still use iDisk for key files backup from my Mac’s desktop. Sync takes ages, and let’s face it, Apple can’t do sync quick. Period.

Dropbox is clean, uncomplaining and lightning fast, even on large files. Now, it has got even better, with a lightning fast iPhone app. It is free up to 2Gb, so it is a no-brainer not to sign up. I don’t use a USB stick, and now, with ability to sync files quickly to iPhone and view them there, I have even more reasons to use Dropbox (