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iCloud Asking For Password Repeatedly?

This apparently is an old bug, with posts dating back to the inception of iCloud services. The symptom that I experienced is iPhone, iPad and Mac randomly asking to sign in to iCloud and then again to reset the iCloud password. It typically seemed to happen on wake from sleep or after a charge cycle. I guess this is when iCloud background processes start up. I tried some of the simple things like soft reset, even played the asked for password reset some seven times. No avail.

Some of the fixes on the internet are very disruptive - for instance signing out of iCloud involves deleting the iCloud photo library from devices (if you had it enabled). Such a pain. On a hunch, I decided to do something different. On the Mac, I opened Keychain Access, and searched for ‘icloud’. This showed up some 12 different items, with various dates associated with them. I selected the lot and deleted them. You will be asked to reset your password once after this, but by and large, so far there has not been further problems.


Snow Leopard and Epson Printers

I made the jump yesterday, despite warnings of software incompatibilities and bugs. I upgraded to Snow Leopard. At first, I was disappointed the touted speed enhancement simply didn’t seem to be there, but soon realised the system was busy indexing and cleaning up my Time Machine backups. That does slow things down, so I left the MacBook to crunch that 10 Gb of data. Once done, the system does feel faster, and Safari is noticeably faster. The main bug I have had so far has been inability to print to Epson printers, despite the system suggesting installing Rosetta and having done that.

Today Software update has released Epson printer driver update, a clearly unusual way to deliver this - suggesting that the problem is indeed a widespread one. So, if you have not fired up Software Update, do that now (well, if you have an Epson printer - or Aperture).