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Man Siri

Sure enough the iPhone 4S Siri is a beta product. In the UK we get a man Siri. This is disappointing as the Man Siri has an annoying and very mechanical voice as opposed to more pleasant female Siri in the US. Once you get used to the mechanical man, you are still not very much better off. Siri cannot find location including your work, home etc. in the UK. Or businesses.

Even though expressly a beta product, it is annoying Apple have put very little effort to cater for the country where the lingo originated. Whip out some of your bloated bank notes and get this working Apple!

By the way, I managed to dictate this post using Siri, getting about 80% accuracy. Way less than Dagon from Nuance. So if Siri is your reason to upgrade to 4S and if you are outside the US, think again.


My thoughts are with his family. We will all miss you Steve.


Does Software Design Drive Uptake?

I think the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. With the advent of iOS, people became acutely aware of how elegantly designed software looks almost transparent and does not need ‘training’ to use. Suddenly clunky interfaces and pesky keyboards became outmoded. Looks like UI design is key to get the masses using software.

I have just discovered another example. Evernote, a cloud document archiving system had their Mac desktop application looking rather dull and uninspiring until now. Just yesterday, they released a new desktop version with Lion’s full screen UI, which instantly makes it a pleasure to use the software. Now it looks more like the iOS app. I find myself launching into a flurry of activity trying to use the software with renewed vigour. I might even subscribe to the pro version.

So, it seems software is all about beautiful, intuitive design. I am all determined to deliver this with ClinicYou, my on foray into software.


Fantastic Fantastical

By this time most readers have realised I have a fascination, bordering on obsession, with calendar and to do applications. I thought I discovered the best way of reminding me of the week with the offering in my penultimate post. Not so. One does get infatuated, and that is allowed. This is more lyrical than waxing, I love Fantasical. It simply is a fantastic addition to iCal. The Mac OSX Lion’s iCal app is very good, and visually pleasing. However, this beautifully designed menubar calendar conduit is something else. With it’s natural language recognition it does make diary entries a true pleasure. And it allows you to see your week in a pleasing interface. I am a Fantastical Fan.


Decorate Your Desktop - With A Calendar

I don’t get people who clutter up their desktops with files and folders. There are the kind of people who would, before the days of computers, wallow in a sea of paper strewn around their desks. A clear desktop is a must for me. It focuses my mind. It is a bit like starting a day with a clear head. I would even go to the extend of saying that it gets my creative juices flowing. On a Mac running Leopard or newer OS, Apple have made an attempt to introduce users to this concept by having a clear desktop out of the box in a new Mac. Whether you clutter things up is entirely up to you - and some people do, sadly.

So my desktop generally displays a minimal, arty picture. Nothing else. However, today I came across something that I have gladly allowed on my Mac’s desktop. It is a gorgeous calendar display called Blotter. People at WireLoad have made a semi transparent weekly calendar that sits on your desktop. It displays a whole week’s events - and I must add - better than your ageing iCal does. It even allows entering new events and todos using system-wide keyboard shortcuts. This is calendar Zen. This is perhaps the best use of your desktop space.