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iPhone's Shortcoming?

You've probably seen hundreds of posts across the internet on iPhone's
shortcomings. For me, having used it for over a month, there is only
one I am really annoyed about - and that is not the lack of Flash
support for its browser. The iPhone simply does not receive a file
that is transferred by bluetooth! No vCards, no photographs, no ring
tones. The originating phone detects the iPhone, even names it
correctly, but transfer fails. I am not sure why Apple has disabled
this feature. My guess is that they are planning major changes to the
way To Do lists and notes are integrated into iPhone's operating
system. The trouble is, iPhone has to sync with Macs and PCs. That
causes a problem. The evolving structure for these in the newer Apple
operating systems is, if anything, rather confusing. It will be
interesting to see what they come up with in future software updates.


iPhone + Audi - Official News!

Whilst searching for iPhone connectivity to Audi iPod connectors, I came across the official Audi line on this from their US website. Download the document from Audi here.

So it is official - iPhone will connect, play and charge from the Audi iPod connector.


Connecting an iPhone to Audi handsfree system

The iphone comes with quite a lot of interconnectivity not mentioned
in the manual. For instance, it connects seamlessly to my Audi's
handsfree system.

The procedure was simple. Firstly, you should make sure there is no
phone in the Audi fitted cradle if one present. The Audi system
becomes discoverable for 30 seconds when the ignition is turned on
(without engine running). From the iPhone's settings, choose 'General
> Bluetooth'. The car's handsfree system should appear as 'Handsfree'
under 'Devices' - click to pair. Enter 1234 when asked for a pass
code. The connection will be made.

The best things happens after that - the entire address book on the
iPhone is synced to the car's phone book. This dynamically updates
each time the iPhone is connected. I am not sure if this is a two way

Once paired, you can assign voice tags to phone numbers and activate
it by the multifunction steering wheel, make and receive calls.

My next task is to see if the iPhone can operate as an iPod when
connected to the Audi fitted iPod connector. Watch this space!


FileMaker 8.5 and Mac OS X Leopard

Like countless other die hard users of FileMaker, I was gutted to hear
that FileMaker 8.5 was not supported on Leopard. Rather surprisingly,
the early information from the company suggested that there was no
plans to support v8.5, effectively adding to the cost of Leopard
update (by having to purchase a FileMaker 9.0). Having splashed out on
8.5 less than a year ago, I was not at all impressed by this - and
promptly wrote to the company. I thought I was emailing the company's
PR executive, but received an automated reply from FileMaker Inc
pretty much stating what was on the website - that they were not going
to support 8.5

I asked for the email to be passed on to the PR executive, and was
promised it will be. Many others may have complained similarly, as
FileMaker Inc seems to have made a U turn. Now it does appear that
they will, after all, support 8.5 users by releasing a patch. I am
looking forward it it.

The current workaround involves changing the International language
preference to US English. This is not wholly difficult, but does
become a pain at times. So, bring that patch on!


My iPhone Experience

On the day the iPhone was released in the UK, I was en route to Heathrow to catch a flight to Cyprus. I had heard of crowds of Apple fans camping outside the Regent Street store on the news.

I may not have camped out even if I was not going abroad; I would have simply preferred to order online. This is what I did - late back from a wedding party, I placed my order online from my hotel room.

My iPhone arrived 3 days later...

(early experiences review to follow)

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