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Phishing Twitter

I recently came across a relatively new twitter phishing attempt and thought I'd mention it here. It happens when you follow someone. Automated return message reads 'this user is saying horrible things about you....' or similar, followed by a link, which takes you to a fraudulent twitter lookalike site where you are asked to login. If you enter your login details there, it is likely that that these will be harvested and used to perpetuate this activity or hijack your account. If you become aware of this, make sure you login and change your password immediately.


A Stylus For The Digital Age

Often the simplest of ideas take time to appear. I've never been a fan of using a stylus on a mobile device and there is usually no need to use one with iPhone or iPad. However, I have been finding note taking using the many brilliant apps out there (Like Notability and Bamboo Paper) and sketching using the brilliant iOS apps like Procreate can be a whole lot more pleasurable if a properly designed stylus is used. Properly is the operative word - my search for a properly designed stylus for the iOS devices drew blank. There are some which looks like a child's crayon, and some like twigs (Pogo Stylus).

Today I heard of something that the designer of LunaTik watch enclosures for the iPod Nano is planning. The idea is simple. It is a stylus and doubles as a pen, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between paper and screen. Naturally, I have signed up for one. Waiting till April is a pain, but one must, for all good things.


Jobs Changed The World

I never managed to send Christmas cards to friends and family in time. Typically they receive my cards mid to late January, especially if they're abroad. For the first time this year, I have managed to be on time-thanks to a great iPhone and iPad app called Sincerely Ink. This app allows you to quickly create and send cards to multiple addresses all from the comfort of your armchair. It took me less than five minutes to send out cards to people abroad and the app seamlessly verified the addresses too in each case. Brilliant! Steve and Co. has changed the world.


Silver Lining With A Touch of Grey

It is now common knowledge that Jobs wanted to acquire Dropbox, a very effective and productive cloud storage solution. With an open API, it has been adopted by a number of third party developers as the preferred cloud storage service of choice. Importantly, Dropbox seems to be able to seamlessly sync large files, regardless of type, across multiple devices quickly and with very little in the way of errors.

iCloud on the other hand is limited when it comes to files - only iWork documents are synced at present, and that too is seamless only between iOS devices. There is no automatic file sync between a Mac and iCloud. Have a large presentation file on your iPad? Forget automatic sync to other devices.

I still find myself using multiple software to solve a common problem - have important documents available on all of my devices, catalogued and readily searchable. Evernote, OfficeDrop, Box - all helps, but never fully. Hopefully future versions of iCloud will address moving to paperless existence more completely. Whilst the current iCloud implementation shows promise, there is still a long way to go. There must be a way to speed up sync, there must be a way to manually disable sync on large files if the user does not want to (why not ask/ warn the user when the file size is large?). I know quite a lot of the issue is bandwidth, connection speed and in the case of portable devices, the battery life. Until these issues all come together, even our beloved computing platform will have a touch of grey in their cloud.


Find My Friends Not Working?

Some of you long term MobileMe users, particularly those who have stuck with email addresses, may find a problem setting up Find My Friends iPhone and iPad app. Typically this bug causes recurrent 'validate Apple ID' message to appear when sending people request to follow or when trying to accept a request. A solution, that worked for yours truly and some others, is to delete the app altogether, and sign back in with the Apple ID.