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What Will Apple Do?

There's no doubt that the Apple website has become much more wordy in the wake of Steve Jobs' passing. Clearly someone (Cook?) at Apple thought it was a good idea spelling things out for prospective customers. Well, no. Wrong approach. People haven't got the patience read stuff. If not they might well be doing medicine, or writing stuff. What of the Apple website then? I think that is a better thought-out plan. By loosing the stupid nav bar, you can easily update the site, and make it more iOS 7 like. I look forward to seeing the creative grey cells refresh this site once they refresh iOS.


Windows Phone & Metro. What's Wrong?

I personally like the Metro styling and design. However, lots of people out there seem to ignore and underrate what is essentially a great design effort. I wonder if this is because the majority don’t actually ‘get’ design? I other words, people who appreciate and use Apple products may be the ones appreciate design and aesthetics. A lot of people are ‘happy’ to use Windows products. Some of this is conformism, but it may also be that there is a deficiency in being able to appreciate aesthetically pleasing design.

From that point of view, MS need not waste money and effort. Their client-base will not change.


Team Apple - Confident, Poised.

I was a bit late getting to watch the WWDC Keynote this time. Being overseas on a pesky internet connection, EDGE at best mostly, did not help. On returning home, I dived straight in. And I am impressed! I found the collective show from Apple’s presenters very confident, full of innovation and more than enough to silence people who are trying to tout the beginning of the end of Apple in the wake of Jobs’ passing. The keynote proves that innovation and creativity are still very much alive at Apple. The company continued to ‘get’ things others in the space do not get.

I loved all the announcements. I will indeed choose my next car based on whether it can do ‘iOS in the car’. BMW apparently issued a statement about their in car system being ‘best in class’ and that they do not want to integrate iOS. That’s the kind of industry leading stupidity and blindness to creative products that exist unfortunately - be it cars, mobile phones or tablets. Lots of people out there do not get it. They continue to believe they have the best products. Hapless customers will be mislead into buying lookalikes and inferior experiences.

Apple is full of insanely great talent, and provided the senior management does not stifle them, we are all in for a treat. Apple will continue to innovate and others will fire up their photocopiers.


Waiting On Mailbox App

Whilst waiting for the eagerly anticipated Mailbox App, I began to get bored of the wait. Idle fingers began to google for alternatives. I then stumbled on SaneBox. It works with pretty much any mail service and does most of the things that Mailbox does without you having to actually do it. Brilliant. And Mailbox does not work with iCloud yet, another turn off for me. Nevertheless, I will test it, as I do like the concept and design of the app. It looks like I will be there in the next couple of days. More to follow.

iHealth - A Disappointment?

When the iPhone and iPad were first announced, there was quite a lot of interest in their use in clinical settings. A few years on, well designed medical apps are still scarce, and most of the available ones tend to follow the perennial blight of bad design in medical software (except perhaps

As for hardware - iOS integration, it is still a bit of a hit and miss. Save a few blood glucose monitors like the stupidly named iBG Star, there's still a gaping void in medical hardware that pairs with the elegance of iOS.

It is then with great excitement that I set about to test the new iHealth Bluetooth wrist BP monitor. However, predictably the phone wouldn't even find the device on trying to make a simple Bluetooth pairing. After trying everything including a reset of both the device and the phone, I decided to email their support. I did not even get an acknowledgement. So, hours after purchase, I'm filing for a refund.

There's a great need for better designed medical devices that connect readily with equally elegant software on iOS devices. A kickstarter project, anyone?