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Is Apple Watch Better Than Others?

“What watch?”, said my colleague. “Of course the Samsung watch is better”, and he added “Samsung phones are better than iPhones”, followed by some comment about ‘form over function’. By that time, my mind was flipping back to the past, when the Macintosh was announced at the Flint Centre. I was of course not there, but there is nothing more imaginable than the human reaction to announcements like this. Of course, predictably he had not seen the event videos!

The Apple Watch is, and will go down in history, as an epic paradigm shift in the way wearable tech is designed. My colleague had completely missed all the innovation, all the thought and care that had gone into the development of the product. Consider the complete re-invention of a completely new user experience for god’s sake!

You encounter people who leave posts, like incontinent seagulls leaving excrement in public places indiscriminately, that say ‘…disappointed with the announcement today..’. It takes a degree of finesse, intellectual ability, awareness of human station, to appreciate the amazing device that Apple has produced. Future will regard this device as the game changer akin to the iPhone, which changed the ‘smartphone’ landscape. I used to own many of those smart ones - there was absolutely nothing smart about those!

I look forward to the health and lifestyle applications and explosive innovation in the wake of this new device. Those of you who can’t see that, I am sorry, unfortunately there is no cure.

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